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Prebid.js is open source software that is offered for free as a convenience. While it is designed to help companies address legal requirements associated with header bidding, we cannot and do not warrant that your use of Prebid.js will satisfy legal requirements. You are solely responsible for ensuring that your use of Prebid.js complies with all applicable laws. We strongly encourage you to obtain legal advice when using Prebid.js to ensure your implementation complies with all laws where you operate.

Option 1: Customize your download here

Note: an important bug in the DFP Video Module was introduced with 3.27 and fixed in 4.3. The dfpVideoModule only looked in adunit.sizes but adunit.sizes was stripped. Unfortunately there’s not a workaround - if you use that video module, you shouldn’t use Prebid.js 3.27 through 4.2 inclusive.

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Note: If you receive an error during download you most likely selected a configuration that is not supported. Verify that each bidder / module is available in the selected version. Also please note that even though you can download older versions of Prebid.js, Prebid only supports the most recent major version. Within a month or so after a major release (e.g. 3.x), we won’t patch the previous major release (e.g. 2.x).

Option 2: Build from Source Code (More Advanced)

Alternatively, you can build Prebid.js from the source code. For instructions, see the Prebid.js README on GitHub.