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Bidder Code pubmatic Member yes
Prebid.js Adapter yes Prebid Server Adapter yes
Media Types display, video, native Multi Format Support will-bid-on-one
TCF-EU Support yes IAB GVL ID 76
GPP Support some (check with bidder) DSA Support check with bidder
USP/CCPA Support yes COPPA Support yes
Supply Chain Support yes Demand Chain Support yes
Safeframes OK yes Supports Deals check with bidder
Floors Module Support yes First Party Data Support yes
User IDs all ORTB Blocking Support yes
Privacy Sandbox check with bidder Prebid Server App Support yes

Prebid Server Note

This bidder requires the client side Prebid.js adapter to work on Prebid Server due to the dependency on the transformBidParams function. See prebid.js #6361 for more details.

Bid Params

Name Scope Description Example Type
publisherId required Publisher ID '32572' string
adSlot optional Ad Slot Name (see below) '38519891' string
pmzoneid optional Zone ID 'zone1,zone2' string
lat optional Latitude
(Supported until Prebid version 7.54.4 and starting from Prebid version 8.11.0 we have option to configure this using ortb2.(device OR user))
'40.712775' string
lon optional Longitude
(Supported until Prebid version 7.54.4 and starting from Prebid version 8.11.0 we have option to configure this using ortb2.(device OR user))
'-74.005973' string
yob optional Year of Birth '1982' string
gender optional Gender 'M' string
kadpageurl optional Overrides Page URL '' string
kadfloor optional Bid Floor '1.75' string
currency optional Bid currency 'AUD' (Value configured only in the 1st adunit will be passed on.
Values if present in subsequent adunits, will be ignored.)
dctr optional Deal Custom Targeting
(Value configured in each adunit will be passed on inside adunit configs i.e. imp.ext), 'key1=123|key2=345'
acat optional Allowed categories
(List of allowed categories for a given auction to be sent in either using ortb2 config (request.ext.prebid.bidderparams.pubmatic.acat) or using slot level params. If categories sent using both then priority will be given to ortb2 over slot level params.)
[ 'IAB1-5', 'IAB1-6', 'IAB1-7' ] array of strings
bcat optional Blocked IAB Categories
(Values from all slots will be combined and only unique values will be passed. An array of strings only. Each category should be a string of a length of more than 3 characters.)
[ 'IAB1-5', 'IAB1-6', 'IAB1-7' ] array of strings
deals optional PMP deals
(Values from each slot will be passed per slot. An array of strings only. Each deal-id should be a string of a length of more than 3 characters.)
[ 'deal-id-5', 'deal-id-6', 'deal-id-7' ] array of strings
outstreamAU optional Oustream AdUnit described in Blue BillyWig UI. This field is mandatory if mimeType is described as video and context is outstream (i.e., for outstream videos) 'renderer_test_pubmatic' string


PubMatic recommends the UserSync configuration below. Without it, the PubMatic adapter will not able to perform user syncs, which lowers match rate and reduces monetization.

  userSync: {
    filterSettings: {
      iframe: {
        bidders: '*',      // '*' represents all bidders
        filter: 'include'

Note: Combine the above the configuration with any other UserSync configuration. Multiple setConfig() calls overwrite each other and only last call for a given attribute will take effect.

adSlot Specification and Multi-Size Ad Units

The adSlot parameter supports two different formats:

Format Example
Without Size '38519891'
With Size '38519891@300x205'

adSlot parameter is optional. To omit the adSlot parameter, your publisher account must have default site and tag enabled. Consult your account manager to find out if default site and tag is enabled on your account. If used, both formats are supported. Without Size is the recommended option. Both options will send the ad request with all sizes specified in the Prebid ad unit configuration.

video parameters

The PubMatic adapter supports video as of Prebid v1.16.0

Name Scope Description Example
video.mimes required Video MIME types ['video/mp4','video/x-flv']
video.skippable optional If ‘true’, user can skip ad true
video.minduration optional Minimum ad duration in seconds 5
video.maxduration optional Maximum ad duration in seconds 30
video.startdelay optional Start delay in seconds for pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ad placements 5
video.playbackmethod optional Defines whether inventory is user-initiated or autoplay sound on/off
1: Auto-play, sound on
2: Auto-play, sound off
3: Click-to-play
4: mouse-over
video.api optional API frameworks supported
1: VPAID 1.0
2: VPAID 2.0
3: MRAID-1
5: MRAID-2
[1, 2]
video.protocols optional Supported video bid response protocols
1: VAST 1.0
2: VAST 2.0
3: VAST 3.0
4: VAST 1.0 Wrapper
5: VAST 2.0 Wrapper
6: VAST 3.0 Wrapper
[5, 6]
video.battr optional Blocked creative attributes, See OpenRTB 2.5 specification, List 5.3 for values [3, 9]
video.linearity optional Indicates if the impression is linear or nonlinear
1: Linear/In-Stream
2: Non-Linear/Overlay.
video.placement optional Video placement type. See OpenRTB 2.5 specification, List 5.9 for Values 1
video.plcmt optional Video placement type. See OpenRTB 2.6 specification - github, For values plcmt subtypes 1
video.minbitrate optional Minumim bit rate in Kbps. 50
video.maxbitrate optional Maximum bit rate in Kbps. 70

AdUnit Format for Video

var videoAdUnits = [
    code: 'test-div-video',
    mediaTypes: {
        video: {
            playerSize: [640, 480],           // required
            context: 'instream',
            mimes: ['video/mp4','video/x-flv'],   // required
            skip: 1,                              // optional
            minduration: 5,                       // optional
            maxduration: 30,                      // optional
            startdelay: 5,                        // optional
            playbackmethod: [1,3],                // optional
            api: [ 1, 2 ],                        // optional
            protocols: [ 2, 3 ],                  // optional
            battr: [ 13, 14 ],                    // optional
            linearity: 1,                         // optional            
            placement: 2,                         // optional
            plcmt: 1,                             // optional
            minbitrate: 10,                       // optional
            maxbitrate: 10                        // optional
    bids: [{
      bidder: 'pubmatic',
      params: {
        publisherId: '32572',                     // required
        adSlot: '38519891@300x250'                // required

AdUnit Format for Native

var adUnits = [
    code: 'test-div',    
    mediaTypes: {
       native: {
            image: {
                required: true,
                sizes: [150, 50]
            title: {
                required: true,
                len: 80
            sponsoredBy: {
                required: true
            body: {
                required: true
    bids: [{
      bidder: 'pubmatic',
      params: {
        publisherId: '156295',               // required
        adSlot: 'pubmatic_test2@1x1',       // required

Configuration for video

For Video ads, prebid cache needs to be enabled for PubMatic adapter.

    cache: {
        url: ''

Prebid Server Test Request

The following test parameters can be used to verify that Prebid Server is working properly with the PubMatic adapter. This example includes an imp object with an PubMatic test publisher ID, ad slot, and sizes that would match with the test creative.

               "publisherId": "156276",

First Party Data

Publishers should use the ortb2 method of setting First Party Data. The following fields are supported:

  • ortb2.user.*

AdUnit-specific data is supported using AdUnit.ortb2Imp.ext.*

"Send All Bids" Ad Server Keys

These are the bidder-specific keys that would be targeted within GAM in a Send-All-Bids scenario. GAM truncates keys to 20 characters.
hb_pb_pubmatic hb_bidder_pubmatic hb_adid_pubmatic
hb_size_pubmatic hb_source_pubmatic hb_format_pubmatic
hb_cache_host_pubmat hb_cache_id_pubmatic hb_uuid_pubmatic
hb_cache_path_pubmat hb_deal_pubmatic

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