Prebid Server | Features

Feature Set Feature Description PBS-Go PBS-Java
Currency Core Loads currency conversions from an outside source, allows non-supported currencies to come in on the OpenRTB2 request, converts bid currencies to the request’s prefered currency.
Currency Request-Defined Rates Allows the request to define its own currency rates.
Currency Convert Currency Method Allows adapters to convert bid floors to a different currency if needed.
Deals Core Basic deal support, creating hb_deal targeting when appropriate.
Deals Deal prioritization Supports the ‘preferdeals’ targeting flag to give deals the priority when PBS returns ad server targeting.
AMP Core Reads and responds to the /openrtb2/amp endpoint
Targeting Core Request can specify includewinners and includebidderkeys. These cause PBS to emit seatbid[].bid[].ext.prebid.targeting values.
Targeting Format Request can specify includeformat, which causes PBS to emit hb_format along with other targeting values like hb_pb, etc.
Targeting Custom Targeting Request can specify ext.prebid.adservertargeting, which causes PBS to emit custom targeting values.
Request Params Global Params Publishers can specify adapter-specific cross-impression attributes.
Price Granularity Core Request can define quantization rules. Bids are quantized before being added to ad server targeting.
Price Granularity Mediatype pricegranularity Request can define different quantization rules for different mediatypes. Bids are quantized before being added to ad server targeting.  
Bid Adjustments Core Allows publishers to adjust bid prices to account for gross/net or consistent discrepancies.
Bid Adjustments By mediatype Allows for different bid adjustments by mediatype banner, video, native, audio.  
Price Floors Core Support for the price floors feature.  
GDPR TCF 2 core Able to: read the TCF2 global vendor list, parse incoming TCF2 consent strings, and take appropriate enforcement action.
GDPR TCF 2 Account Config Able to turn on and off TCF2 enforcement per account.
GDPR Support for basicEnforcementVendors Host companies can define bidders that don’t require vendor consent but do require Purpose consent.
GDPR TCF 2 Geo-Fencing If the incoming request contains, PBS will enforce the EEA if the request is flagged as being in GDPR scope.  
GDPR TCF 2 Geo-Lookup Can use a geographic lookup service to help determine whether the incoming request is in-scope for GDPR.  
GDPR TCF 2 channel exception Can be configured to turn off GDPR checks for a specific account and a specific channel. e.g. Account 123 has a different legal basis for AMP.
US Privacy USP core Able to: read the US Privacy consent string (CCPA) and take appropriate enforcement action.
US Privacy USP AMP support Able to: read the US Privacy consent string from AMP requests and take appropriate enforcement action.
GPP GPP Passthrough Global Privacy Platform parameters are passed through auction and usersync requests.
GPP GPP TCF2/USP Support PBS reads the Global Privacy Platform string and pulls out TCF2/USP strings when appropriate.
GPP USGen Privacy Module The Activity Control system calls this module that examines the incoming GPP parameters and determines whether a given Activity should be allowed when the request contains SIDs 7-12.  
COPPA Core Able to read the COPPA flag and take appropriate enforcement action.
Global Privacy Control Core Passes the Sec-GPC header through to bidders.
Activity Controls Core Account-level controls over privacy sensitive activities.  
Activity Controls GPP conditions Support for gppSid, geo, and gpc conditions.  
Cache Bids core Accepts the ext.prebid.cache.bids parameter, storing bid objects in PBC.
Cache VAST core Accepts the ext.prebid.cache.vastxml parameter, storing VAST responses in PBC.
Cache Winning-only flag Accepts a ‘ext.prebid.cache.winningonly’ parameter on the request. If true, instead of caching all bids and VAST, only the winning bid or VAST is stored.
Stored Requests Core Accepts a stored request ID in the OpenRTB, looks it up against a local data store, and merges with the OpenRTB request record.
Stored Requests Unique Per Account If an account ID is provided, PBS can distinguish between otherwise identical SRIDs.  
Stored Requests Unique BidRequest IDs Supports the generate-storedrequest-bidrequest-id setting telling Prebid Server to override the static in the stored request with a UUID.
Stored Responses Stored Auction Responses Accepts a stored response ID in the OpenRTB, looks it up against a local data store, and merges with the OpenRTB response record.
Stored Responses Stored Bid Responses Accepts a stored response ID in the OpenRTB, looks it up against a local data store, and uses that as the bid adapter response.
First Party Data Core Accepts core first party data attributes and supports
First Party Data Bidder-specific data Accepts bidder-specific first party data attributes.
First Party Data AMP first party data Accepts first party data attributes on an AMP request.
Supply Chain Bidder-specific schains Accepts bidder-specific schain
Supply Chain Host SChain The host company can supply a global schain that’s appended to the list of incoming nodes in source.ext.schain.
Supply Chain ORTB 2.4 compatibility If source.ext.schain doesn’t exist but ext.schain does, PBS copies the latter to the former.  
Publisher Accounts Core Ability to enforce that requests coming in have a valid account ID.
Publisher Accounts AMP account parameter Accept the account parameter on the AMP request.
Publisher Accounts Account-specific TTLs Allow each account ID to have a custom PBC time-to-live for banner and video.
Video Core Support for basic instream and outstream video: passes video parameters to adapters, stores VAST responses when instructed.
Video Outstream renderers Support for bidders specifying their own renderers for outstream video.    
Video Long-form video Support for the long-form video endpoint.
Video IAB advertiser category mapping Able to map IAB advertiser categories to a supplied mapping table.
Video Echo video attributes To support mobile video, copies stored request video attributes to the response.
Mobile App Request Passthrough Apps can pass render-time parameters from the request through to the response.
Audio Core Passes the audio mediatype through to bidders that support audio.
Native Core Passes the native mediatype through to bidders that support native.
Native asset type preprocessing If a native bid response doesn’t contain asset.type, PBS will link to the asset in the request by ID and copy the type into the response.
Interstitials Core Support device.ext.prebid.interstitial.minwidthperc and device.ext.prebid.interstitial.minheightperc parameters, dynamically updating the impression format object from a configurable list of sizes filtered by these parameters.
Aliases Core Maps a biddercode on an incoming request to a specific server-side bid adapter named in the request or defined in config.
Aliases GVL ID support Define the IAB GVL ID for an aliased biddercode.
User ID Sync Core Implements the /cookie_sync and /setuid endpoints. Bidders may choose either redirect or iframe method.
User ID Sync Multi-Method Bidders can supply both pixel redirects as well as iframe syncs.
User ID Sync Cooperative sync Does a pixel sync with more than just the bidders on the page.
User ID Sync Account override Allows accounts to override the cooperative sync feature and bidder limits.
User ID EID Permissions The Publisher can define which bidders receive which extended user IDs.
Events Events Ability to process the /event endpoint, place /event URLs in the OpenRTB response, and place /event URLs in VAST XML.
Events Events vasttrack endpoint Ability to process the /vasttrack endpoint initated by Prebid.js, placing /event URLs in VAST XML.
Events Events BidID Generation Some bidders don’t generate unique enough BidIDs to join with auction events. This feature allows the host company to inject a PBS-generated BidID alongside the bidder-generated ID.
Auction MultiBid Allow named bidders to supply more than one response.
Analytics Analytics module support Allows developers to plug in a custom analytics adapter.
Bid Response Validation Validate secure markup PBS can configurably reject bid responses that don’t supply a secure creative when in a secure context.
Bid Response Validation Validate bid sizes PBS can configurably reject bid responses with sizes that are bigger than the request dimensions.
Bidder Info Endpoints Core Provides details on which bidders and parameters exist in this Prebid Server.
Troubleshooting Test flag Accepts the OpenRTB ‘test’ flag, emitting additional debug info on responses.
Troubleshooting Debug flag Accepts the ext.prebid.debug flag, emitting additional debug info on responses.
Troubleshooting Account-level Debug Control Allows host companies to turn off debugging by account but allow for request-level overrides.
Operations Core metrics Emits detailed operational metrics to back-end systems: Graphite, Influx, and Prometheus
Operations Circuit breaker Protects system performance during fault scenarios by detecting problems with external and internal endpoints, turning them off temporarily when a problem occurs.  
Operations Server default request Support global defaults for incoming requests.
Operations IPv6 Support taking IPv6 addresses and forwarding them to bidders.
Operations Request Logging Admin Endpoints Log a limited number of requests to understand the raw data clients are sending.  
Programmatic Guaranteed Integration and Targeting Ability to load, target, and report PG line items  
Metadata x-prebid header Put version information in outgoing HTTP headers.
Modules ortb2-blocking Configure per-account OpenRTB blocking details.
Anti-Fraud Ads.Cert 2.0 Authenticated Connections Includes authenticated connection signing header on outgoing bid requests to supported adapters. *  
Request Enrichment Enhanced tid and request IDs Fills out id,, source.tid, and imp.ext.tid
Auction Response Bidders can supply Fledge auction config If the request contains, bid adapters can return ext.prebid.fledge.auctionconfigs

* Experimental feature not yet recommended for production.