Prebid Server Endpoints Overview

Prebid Server

The API endpoints recognized by Prebid Server:

Endpoint Purpose
POST /openrtb2/auction The main header bidding auction endpoint
GET /openrtb2/amp The AMP endpoint
POST /openrtb2/video Supports long-form video requests
POST /cookie_sync Responds with an array of pixels the client can use to initiate cookie-matching requests.
GET /setuid The other side of /cookie_sync, this is what actually updates the uids cookie.
GET /getuids Parses the uids cookie and returns JSON.
GET /status A health check.
GET /info Returns various information about how the server is configured.
GET /event Alerts Prebid Server to process an event.
POST /vtrack Cache VAST XML after inserting tracking string.
/currency/rates (Admin port only) Retrieves the server’s current currency conversion rates.

Prebid Cache

The API endpoints recognized by the Prebid Cache Server:

Endpoint Purpose
POST /cache Store a creative or bid in Prebid Cache
GET /cache Retrieve a creative or bid from Prebid Cache