Prebid Server | Features | Deals

Prebid Server supports Private MarketPlace deals in this way:

  1. Prebid Server Bid Adapters can respond with a deal in All bids are returned to the client and the deal can pulled from
  2. Prebid-style ad server targeting is also applied:
    1. If the deal is the highest bid overall and the ext.prebid.targeting.includewinners option is on, then the hb_deal targeting value will contain the winning deal ID.
    2. If the deal is the highest bid for a particular bidder and the ext.prebid.targeting.includebidderkeys is on, then the hb_deal_BIDDER targeting value will contain that deal ID
    3. If the ext.prebid.targeting.preferdeals flag is true, then PBS will choose the highest value deal as the overall winner before choosing the highest value non-deal.

Note that is PBS is called from Prebid.js, the javascript code will make sure that hb_deal_BIDDER is present in the KVPs.

However, if Prebid.js is not present, PBS KVP responses are used by the adserver. So for app and AMP, if line items are targeted to hb_deal, only winning bids will be seen. If instead, line items are targeted to hb_deal_BIDDER, all deals will be seen if ext.prebid.targeting.includebidderkeys is defined to be true.