Prebid Server | Feature | Currency Conversion

Prebid server supports currency conversions when receiving bids.

  • The “desired request currency” is what the request would like all bids to be in
  • The “bid response currency” is what the bidder responded with

Some bidders are able to bid in multiple currencies, but cannot, so Prebid Server can normalize the bids for the client.

Desired Request Currency

There are several ways to define the request currency:

  • The OpenRTB request can define the cur parameter. This is an array in OpenRTB, but Prebid Server only looks at the first element of the array.
  • An AMP Stored Request can define the cur parameter.
  • An App ‘top-level’ Stored Request can define the cur parameter.
  • PBS-Java can configure the default installation currency (
  • Otherwise, both PBS-Go and PBS-Java default to USD

Loading Currency Conversion Rates

By default, the currency converter uses for currency conversion. This data is updated every 24 hours on side. By default, currency conversions are updated from the endpoint every 30 minutes in prebid server.

Default configuration in PBS-Go:

v.SetDefault("currency_converter.fetch_url", "")
v.SetDefault("currency_converter.fetch_interval_seconds", 1800) // 30 minutes

Default configuration in PBS-Java:

    enabled: true
    default-timeout-ms: 4000
    refresh-period-ms: 900000 // 15 minutes


  • The currency conversion mechanism can be disabled in PBS-Go by setting fetch_interval_seconds to 0.
  • Prebid updates the latest.json file daily from the European Central Bank. If there’s a currency needed for your installation, you can host your own currency conversion file at a URL using the following JSON schema:


Here are a couple examples showing the logic behind the currency converter:

Bidder bid price Request Currency Rate to USD Rate converter is active Converted bid price (USD) Valid bid
1 N/A 1 YES 1 YES
1 USD 1 NO 1 YES
1 EUR 1.13 YES 1.13 YES
1 EUR 1.13 NO N/A NO

Request-Defined Conversion Rates

Rates can be passed in on the request:

"ext": {
  "prebid": {
    "currency": {
      "rates": {
        "USD": { "UAH": 24.47, "ETB": 32.04, "EUR": 0.92, ... }
      "usepbsrates": false // defaults to true

Note that the usepbsrates flag allows you to define which rates to use when PBS has two rates to consider: the one it loaded from the external source and the one on the request:

  • If usepbsrates==true, then prefer the external source’s rates
  • If usepbsrates==false, then prefer the rate from the request


A dedicated endpoint on the Admin port will allow you to see what’s happening within the currency converter. See currency rates endpoint for more details.

Price Granularity

When converting to a currency where the typical nominal CPMs are much different than USD such as JPY or INR, use a custom price granularity that reflects the typical range of CPMs in that currency.

The predefined price granularities such as medium or dense will not be correctly scaled and thus almost every bid will end in the top bucket. Unlike Prebid.js, Prebid Server does not support granularityMultiplier to scale granularities so a custom price granularity needs to be used.