Debugging Prebid.js

Professor Prebid Chrome Extension for Debugging Prebid.js

Prebid has a Chrome extension that can be utilized for debugging called Professor Prebid. Publishers are able to utilize this extension to view Adunits, Bids, Auction Timeline, User IDs, and other details of the ad auctions on a given page. This information can be easily viewed in the various tabs of the extension itself or through a debug page that opens with all the details inside a single page format. In the Professor Prebid Tools tab you will find this feature along with the ability to easily enable the Prebid.js Debbugging Module (described below) that can also be helpful in debugging. To learn more about all the features and how to utilize this extension please refer to Professor Prebid.

Debugging Module

The Prebid.js debugging module enables the “intercepting” of bids and replacing of the contents with data for testing purposes. To learn more about how to utilize this module please refer to the Debugging Module.