Azerion Edge RTD Provider

Disclosure: This module loads external code that is not open source and has not been reviewed by

Client-side contextual cookieless audiences.

Azerion Edge RTD module helps publishers to capture users’ interest audiences on their site, and attach these into the bid request.

Please contact for more information.



  • Compile the Azerion Edge RTD module (azerionedgeRtdProvider) into your Prebid build, along with the parent RTD Module (rtdModule):
gulp build --modules=rtdModule,azerionedgeRtdProvider
  • Set configuration via pbjs.setConfig.
    realTimeData: {
        auctionDelay: 1000,
        dataProviders: [
                name: 'azerionedge',
                waitForIt: true,
                params: {
                    key: '',
                    bidders: ['improvedigital'],
                    process: {}


Name Type Description Notes
name String RTD sub module name Always “azerionedge”
waitForIt Boolean Required to ensure that the auction is delayed for the module to respond. Optional. Defaults to false but recommended to true.
params.key String Publisher partner specific key Mandatory. The key is required for the module to work. If you haven’t received one, please reach
params.bidders Array Bidders with which to share segment information Optional. Defaults to “improvedigital”.
params.process Object Configuration for the Azerion Edge script. Optional. Defaults to {}.


As all data collection is on behalf of the publisher and based on the consent the publisher has received from the user, this module does not require a TCF vendor configuration. Consent is provided to the module when the user gives the relevant permissions on the publisher website.

As Prebid.js utilizes TCF vendor consent for the RTD module to load, the module needs to be labeled within the Vendor Exceptions. If the Prebid TCF Controls are enabled, the module should be configured as exception, as shown below:

    purpose: 'storage',
    enforcePurpose: true,
    enforceVendor: true,
    vendorExceptions: ["azerionedge"]