Confiant Real-Time Protection Module


Confiant’s module provides comprehensive detection of security, quality, and privacy threats across your ad stack. Confiant is the industry leader in real-time detecting and blocking of bad ads when it comes to protecting your users and brand reputation.

To start using this module, please contact Confiant to get an account and customer key.

Disclosure: When configured, this module will insert a script, that is loaded from Confiant’s CDN and has proprietary code.


  1. Build Prebid bundle with Confiant module included:

     gulp build --modules=confiantRtdProvider,...
  2. Include the resulting bundle on your page.


Configuration of Confiant module is plain simple:

    realTimeData: {
        dataProviders: [{
            name: 'confiant',
            params: {
                // so please get in touch with us so we could help you to set up the module with proper parameters
                propertyId: '', // required, string param, obtained from Confiant Inc.
                prebidExcludeBidders: '', // optional, comma separated list of bidders to exclude from Confiant's prebid.js integration
                prebidNameSpace: '', // optional, string param, namespace for prebid.js integration
                shouldEmitBillableEvent: false, // optional, boolean param, upon being set to true enables firing of the BillableEvent upon Confiant's impression scanning