The Media Trust Real-Time Ad Defense


As malvertising, scams, and controversial and offensive ad content proliferate across the digital media ecosystem, publishers need advanced controls to both shield audiences from malware attacks and ensure quality site experience. Via a speedy script, The Media Trust empowers publisher Ad/Revenue Operations teams to block malware, high-risk ad platforms, heavy ads, ads with sensitive or objectionable content, and custom lists (e.g., competitors)—all in real-time. Customizable replacement code calls for a new ad to ensure impressions are still monetized.

To start using this module, please contact The Media Trust to get a script and configuration hash for module configuration.


  1. Build Prebid bundle with The Media Filter module included.

     gulp build --modules=mediafilterRtdProvider
  2. Include the bundled script in your application.


Add configuration entry to realTimeData.dataProviders for The Media Filter module.

    realTimeData: {
        dataProviders: [{
            name: 'mediafilter',
            params: {
                // Replace <configurationHash> with the configuration hash provided by your sales rep
                configurationHash: '<configurationHash>'