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"Send All Bids" Ad Server Keys

These are the bidder-specific keys that would be targeted within GAM in a Send-All-Bids scenario. GAM truncates keys to 20 characters.

"Deal ID" Ad Server Key



This adapter is for displaying ads relevant to page content. Page content is analyzed dynamically in realtime to get its IAB Categories and keywords. The IAB Categories and keywords are sent as First Party Data of the bidder. DSP can, then, bid on the IAB Categories and keywords. You can find more info at (

Bid Params

Name Scope Description Example Type
placementId required Placement id 234234 integer
cpm optional forces bidder to insert custom cpm bid 0.50 decimal

First Party Data

Page content is analyzed at DOMContentLoaded event. The results (keywords and categories) are set as fpd of the bidder prior to requesting bids.

	bidders: ['adrelevantis'],
	config: {
		fpd: {
			context: {
				keywords: keywords,
				data: {
					category: categories