Intimate Merger Real time Data Provider

This module reads segments from Intimate Merger audience data platform and attaches them as targeting keys to bid requests.

The audience data platform performs segmentation even in environments where 3rd party cookies are not available, but curretly only available in Japan.


Add it to your Prebid.js package with:

gulp build --modules=rtdModule,imRtdProvider

Publisher Customized RTD Handling

The following configuration parameters are available:

    // ...
    realTimeData: {
        auctionDelay: 5000,
        dataProviders: [
                name: "im",
                waitForIt: true,
                params: {
                    cid: 5126, // Set your Intimate Merger Customer ID here for production
                    setGptKeyValues: true
    // ...


Param under dataProviders Scope Type Description Example
name Required String The name of this module. "im"
waitForIt Optional Boolean Required to ensure that the auction is delayed until prefetch is complete. Defaults to false but recommended to true true
params Required Object Details of module params.  
params.cid Required Number This is the Customer ID value obtained via Intimate Merger. 5126
params.setGptKeyValues Optional Boolean This is set targeting for GPT/GAM. Default setting is true. true


First, make sure to add the Intimate Merger submodule to your Prebid.js package with:

gulp serve --modules=rtdModule,imRtdProvider

and then point your browser at: