oxxion Rtd


Module Name: Oxxion Rtd Provider Module Type: Rtd Provider Maintainer: tech@oxxion.io

Oxxion Real-Time-Data submodule

Oxxion helps you to understand how your prebid stack performs. This Rtd module purpose is to filter bidders requested.


Make sure to have the following modules listed while building prebid : rtdModule,oxxionRtdProvider rtdModule is required to activate real-time-data submodules. For example :

gulp build --modules=schain,priceFloors,currency,consentManagement,appnexusBidAdapter,rubiconBidAdapter,rtdModule,oxxionRtdProvider

Then add the oxxion Rtd module to your prebid configuration :

  realTimeData: {
    auctionDelay: 300,
    dataProviders: [
          name: "oxxionRtd",
          waitForIt: true,
          params: {
            domain: "test.endpoint",
            threshold: false,
            samplingRate: 10,

setConfig Parameters General

Name Type Description
domain String This string identifies yourself in Oxxion’s systems and is provided to you by your Oxxion representative.

setConfig Parameters for bidder filtering

Name Type Description
threshold Float/Bool False or minimum expected bid rate to call a bidder (ex: 1.0 for 1% bid rate).
samplingRate Integer Percentage of request not meeting the criterias to run anyway in order to check for any change.
bidders Array Optional: If set, filtering will only be applied to bidders listed.