oxxion Rtd


Oxxion helps you to understand how your prebid stack performs. This Rtd module is to use in order to improve video events tracking.


Make sure to have the following modules listed while building prebid : rtdModule,oxxionRtdProvider rtbModule is required to activate real-time-data submodules. For example :

gulp build --modules=rtdModule,oxxionRtdProvider

Then add the oxxion Rtd module to your prebid configuration :

  realTimeData: {
    auctionDelay: 200,
    dataProviders: [
          name: "oxxionRtd",
          waitForIt: true,
          params: {
            domain: "test.endpoint",
            contexts: ["instream", "outstream"],
  // ...

setConfig Parameters

Name Type Description
domain String This string identifies yourself in Oxxion’s systems and is provided to you by your Oxxion representative.
contexts Array Array defining which video contexts to add tracking events into. Values can be instream and/or outstream.