Mgid Realtime Module


Mgid RTD module allows you to enrich bid data with contextual and audience signals, based on IAB taxonomies.


This module is configured as part of the realTimeData.dataProviders object.

Name Scope Description Example Type
name required Real time data module name 'mgid' string
params required     Object
params.clientSiteId required The client site id provided by Mgid. '123456' string
params.timeout optional Maximum amount of milliseconds allowed for module to finish working 1000 number


    realTimeData: {
        dataProviders: [{
            name: 'mgid',
            params: {
              clientSiteId: '123456'


To install the module, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Prepare the base Prebid file

  • Option 1: Use Prebid Download page to build the prebid package. Ensure that you do check Mgid Realtime Module module

  • Option 2: From the command line, run gulp build --modules=mgidRtdProvider,...

Step 2: Set configuration

Enable Mgid Real Time Module using pbjs.setConfig. Example is provided in Configuration section.