Qortex Real-time Data Submodule


The Qortex RTD module appends contextual segments to the bidding object based on the content of a page using the Qortex API.

Upon load, the Qortex context API will analyze the bidder page (video, text, image, etc.) and will return a Content object. The module will then merge that object into the appropriate bidders’ ortb2.site.content, which can be used by prebid adapters that use site.content data.


gulp build --modules="rtdModule,qortexRtdProvider,qortexBidAdapter,..."  

rtdModule is a required module to use Qortex RTD module.


Please refer to Prebid Documentation on RTD module configuration for details on required and optional parameters of realTimeData

When configuring Qortex as a data provider, refer to the template below to add the necessary information to ensure the proper connection is made.

RTD Module Setup

    realTimeData: {
        auctionDelay: 1000,
        dataProviders: [{
            name: 'qortex',
            waitForIt: true,
            params: {
                groupId: 'ABC123', //required
                bidders: ['qortex', 'adapter2'], //optional (see below)
                tagConfig: { // optional, please reach out to your account manager for configuration reccommendation
                    videoContainer: 'string',
                    htmlContainer: 'string',
                    attachToTop: 'string',
                    esm6Mod: 'string',
                    continuousLoad: 'string'

Paramter Details

Name Type Description Required Notes
groupId String The Qortex groupId linked to the publisher Yes Your account manager can provide this information for you if needed, it is required for any type integration and access to Qortex services
bidders Array of Strings this is a list containing the bidder code of the prebid adapters you would like this module to impact No If this parameter is included, ortb2.site.content will be updated only for adapters in this array. If this parameter is omitted, the RTD module will default to updating ortb2.site.content on all bid adapters being used on the page
tagConfig Object The config settings that could be used to initialize the Qortex integration on your page No A preconfigured object for this step will be provided to you by the Qortex team. The RTD module will only carry out this process if a valid tagConfig is provided.