RTD Module


This RTD module, provided by, sets dynamic floors for Prebid auctions.


Ensure that the following modules are listed when building Prebid: priceFloors. For example:

gulp build --modules=priceFloors

To compile the RTD module into your Prebid build:

gulp build --modules=rtdModule,pubxaiRtdProvider


To use the RTD module, add realTimeData with the parameters mentioned below to the Prebid config.

const AUCTION_DELAY = 100;
    // rest of the config
    realTimeData: {
        auctionDelay: AUCTION_DELAY,
        dataProviders: {
            name: "pubxai",
            waitForIt: true,
            params: {
                pubxId: `<publisher_id>`,
                endpoint: `<publisher_endpoint>`, // (optional)
                floorMin: `<floorMin>`, // (optional)
                enforcement: `<enforcement>`, // (optional)
                data: `<defaultConfig>` // (optional)
    // rest of the config


Name Type Description Default
name String Name of the real-time data module Always pubxai
waitForIt Boolean Should be true if an auctionDelay is defined (optional) false
params Object    
params.pubxId String Publisher ID  
params.endpoint String URL to retrieve floor data (optional)
params.floorMin Number Minimum CPM floor (optional) None
params.enforcement Object Enforcement behavior within the Price Floors Module (optional) None Object Default floor data provided by (optional) None