Symitri DAP Real Time Data Provider Module

The Symitri Data Activation Platform (DAP) is a privacy-first system that protects end-user privacy by only allowing them to be targeted as part of a larger cohort. Symitri DAP Real time data Provider automatically invokes the DAP APIs and submit audience segments and the Secure Ad ID(SAID) to the bid-stream. SAID is a JWT/JWE which carries with it the cohorts and only a side-car or trusted server in the demand-side platform is allowed to see its contents.

Publisher Usage

  1. Build the symitriDapRTD module into the Prebid.js package with:

     gulp build --modules=symitriDapRtdProvider,...
  2. Use setConfig to instruct Prebid.js to initilaize the symitriDapRtdProvider module, as specified below.


  realTimeData: {
    auctionDelay: 2000,
    dataProviders: [
        name: "dap",
        waitForIt: true,
        params: {
          apiHostname: '<see your Symitri account rep>',
          apiVersion: "x1",
          domain: '',
          identityType: 'email' | 'mobile' | ... | 'dap-signature:1.3.0',
          segtax: 504,
          dapEntropyUrl: '',
          dapEntropyTimeout: 1500

Please reach out to your Symitri account representative( to get provisioned on the DAP platform.

Config Syntax details:

Name Type Description Notes
name String Symitri Dap Rtd module name ‘dap’ always
waitForIt Boolean Required to ensure that the auction is delayed until prefetch is complete Optional. Defaults to false
apiHostname String Hostname provided by Symitri Please reach out to your Symitri account representative( for this value
apiVersion String This holds the API version It should be “x1” always
domain String The domain name of your webpage  
identityType String Something like this ‘email’, ‘mobile’, … ‘dap-signature:1.3.0’  
segtax Integer The taxonomy for Symitri The value should be 504
dapEntropyUrl String URL to dap entropy script Optional if the script is directly included on the webpage. Contact your Symitri account rep for more details
dapEntropyTimeout Integer Maximum time allotted for the entropy calculation to happen  


To view an example of available segments returned by dap:

gulp serve --modules=rtdModule,symitriDapRtdProvider,appnexusBidAdapter,sovrnBidAdapter

and then point your browser at: “http://localhost:9999/integrationExamples/gpt/symitridap_segments_example.html