Bidder Code mobilefuse Member yes
Media Types display, video GDPR Support no
User IDs none COPPA Support yes

"Send All Bids" Ad Server Keys

These are the bidder-specific keys that would be targeted within GAM in a Send-All-Bids scenario. GAM truncates keys to 20 characters.
hb_pb_mobilefuse hb_bidder_mobilefuse hb_adid_mobilefuse
hb_size_mobilefuse hb_source_mobilefuse hb_format_mobilefuse
hb_cache_host_mobile hb_cache_id_mobilefu hb_uuid_mobilefuse

"Deal ID" Ad Server Key


Bid Params

Name Scope Description Example Type
placement_id required An ID which identifies this specific inventory placement 1111 integer
pub_id required An ID which identifies the publisher selling the inventory 2222 integer
tagid_src optional ext if passing publisher’s ids, empty if passing MobileFuse IDs in placement_id field. Defaults to empty ’’ string