Experian Real-Time ID Module


The Experian Real-Time ID Module appends digital identifiers to the bidding object. It’s powered by the Experian graph.


1). Compile the Experian Real-Time ID Module along with your bid adapter and other modules

gulp build --modules="rtdModule,experianRtdProvider,..."
  1. Use setConfig to instruct Prebid.js to initialize the Experian Real-Time ID Module, as specified below.


This module is configured as part of the realTimeData.dataProviders object:

  realTimeData: {
    auctionDelay: 300,
    dataProviders: [{
      name: 'experian_rtid',
      waitForIt: true,
      params: {
        accountId: 'ZylatYg',
        bidders: ['sovrn', 'pubmatic'],
        ids: { maid: ['424', '2982'], hem: 'my-hem' }


Name Type Description Default
name String Real time data module name Always ‘experian_rtid’
waitForIt Boolean Set to true to maximize chance for bidder enrichment, used with auctionDelay false
params.accountId String Your account id issued by Experian  
params.bidders Array List of bidders for which you would like data to be set  
params.ids Record<string, Array or string> Additional identifiers to send to Experian RTID endpoint to aid with resolution  


Reach out to realtime_identity@experian.com for more information.