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Publisher Link

Publisher Link, provided by Epsilon, is a cross-device identity solution that activates publisher first-party, authenticated data to improve audience identification and increase bid opportunities, specifically designed for sites with authenticated traffic. Publisher first-party authenticated data and a user’s unique encrypted ID is linked to an existing people-based Epsilon CORE ID. By utilizing Publisher Link, publishers are able to reap the benefits of Epsilon’s CORE ID.

Please contact Epsilon to sign up.

The Epsilon privacy is covered in the Epsilon Privacy Policy.

The Publisher Link opt-out is included here

In addition to the parameters documented above in the Basic Configuration section the following Publisher Link specific configuration is available:

Param under userSync.userIds[] Scope Type Description Example
name Required String The name of this module. 'publinkId'
params Required Object Customized parameters.  
params.e Required String Hashed email address of the user. Supports MD5 and SHA256. '7D320454942620664D96EF78ED4E3A2A'
params.site_id Required String Site ID provided by Epsilon. '123456'
params.api_key Required String API key provided by Epsilon. '00000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000000'
       userSync: {
           userIds: [{
               name: "publinkId",
               storage: {
                   name: "pbjs_publink",
                   type: "cookie",
                   expires: 30
               params: {
                   e: "7D320454942620664D96EF78ED4E3A2A", // example hashed email (md5)
                   site_id: "123456",
                   api_key: "00000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000000"

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