Yandex Metrica



This adapter integrates Prebid.js with Yandex Metrica. It offers detailed insights into auction performance and user behavior, enabling publishers to make data-driven decisions to optimize their ad revenue.

Disclosure: The adapter utilizes the Metrica Tag build based on, approximately 60 kB gzipped.

Setup Instructions

  1. Register Your Website:

    Visit Yandex Metrica and register your website to obtain a counter ID.

  2. Insert Counter Initialization Code:

    Retrieve the counter initialization code from the Yandex Metrica settings page at{counterId}, where {counterId} is your counter ID, and embed it into your website’s HTML.

  3. Initialize the Adapter in Prebid.js:

    Configure the Yandex Analytics Adapter in your Prebid.js setup. For optimal performance and ease of management, it is preferred to use a single counter. Add the following JavaScript snippet, replacing 123 with your actual counter ID:

      provider: "yandex",
      options: {
        // Replace 123 with your actual counter ID
        // It's preferred to use a single counter for optimal performance and ease of management
        counters: [123]
  4. Special Instructions for Single Page Applications (SPAs):

    If your website is an SPA, make sure to configure your Metrica tag accordingly.

Accessing Analytics Data

You can view the collected analytics data in the Yandex Metrica dashboard. Navigate to and look for the Prebid Analytics section to analyze your data.