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DMD ID by DMD Marketing Corp

DMD is the preeminent supplier of US-based healthcare professional (HCP) identity data to the pharmaceutical, health system and medical publishing industries. DMD is the only data provider that has acquired its deterministic identity data through a fully consented, first-party, opt-in process. DMD’s privacy policy that can be found at Privacy Policy.

For assistance setting up your module, please contact us at

Add the DMD ID to your Prebid.js Package with:

gulp build –modules=userId,dmdIdSystem

DMD ID Registration

Please reach out to to request your api_key

DMD ID Configuration

Param under userSync.userIds[] Scope Type Description Example
name Required String The name of Module "dmdId"
storage Required Object Required String dmd-dgid  
params Required Object Container of all module params.  
params.api_key Required String This is your api_key as provided by DMD Marketing Corp. 3fdbe297-3690-4f5c-9e11-ee9186a6d77c

DMD ID Example

    userSync: {
        userIds: [{
            name: 'dmdId',
            params: {
                api_key: '3fdbe297-3690-4f5c-9e11-ee9186a6d77c' // provided to you by DMD

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