brandmetrics Real Time Data Provider Module

This module is intended to be used by brandmetrics ( partners and sets targeting keywords to bids if the browser is eligeble to see a brandmetrics survey. The module hooks in to brandmetrics events and requires a brandmetrics script to be running. The module can optionally load and initialize brandmetrics by providing the ‘scriptId’- parameter.

Publisher Usage

  1. Build the brandmetricsRtd module into the Prebid.js package with:

     gulp build --modules=brandmetricsRtdProvider,...
  2. Use setConfig to instruct Prebid.js to initilaize the brandmetricsRtdProvider module, as specified below.


  realTimeData: {
    auctionDelay: 500,
    dataProviders: [
        name: "brandmetrics",
        waitForIt: true,
        params: {
          scriptId: '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000',
          bidders: ['ozone']

The scriptId- parameter is provided by brandmetrics or a brandmetrics partner.

Supported bidders

The module currently supports the following bidders:

Bidder Id
Ozone ozone


Name Type Description Default
name String This should always be brandmetrics -
waitForIt Boolean Should be true if there’s an auctionDelay defined (recommended) false
params Object   -
params.bidders String[] An array of bidders the module operates on. []
params.scriptId String A script- id GUID if the brandmetrics- script should be initialized. undefined