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Bidder Code ringieraxelspringer Member no
Prebid.js Adapter yes Prebid Server Adapter no
Media Types display, native Multi Format Support will-bid-on-one
TCF-EU Support yes IAB GVL ID 1021
GPP Support None DSA Support yes
USP/CCPA Support no COPPA Support no
Supply Chain Support no Demand Chain Support no
Safeframes OK no Supports Deals no
Floors Module Support no First Party Data Support no
User IDs none ORTB Blocking Support no
Privacy Sandbox paapi

Bid Params

Name Scope Description Example Type
network required Specific identifier provided by RAS '4178463' string
site required Specific identifier name (case-insensitive) that is associated with this ad unit and provided by RAS 'example_com' string
area required Ad unit category name; only case-insensitive alphanumeric with underscores and hyphens are allowed 'sport' string
slot required Ad unit placement name (case-insensitive) provided by RAS 'slot' string
pageContext optional Web page context data {} object
pageContext.dr optional Document referrer URL address '' string
pageContext.du optional Document URL address '' string
pageContext.dv optional Document virtual address as slash-separated path that may consist of any number of parts (case-insensitive alphanumeric with underscores and hyphens); first part should be the same as site value and second as area value; next parts may reflect website navigation 'example_com/sport/football' string
pageContext.keyWords optional List of keywords associated with this ad unit; only case-insensitive alphanumeric with underscores and hyphens are allowed ['euro', 'lewandowski'] string[]
pageContext.keyValues optional Key-values associated with this ad unit (case-insensitive); following characters are not allowed in the values: " ' = ! + # * ~ ; ^ ( ) < > ] [ & @ {} object optional Content unique identifier '932016a5-02fc-4d5c-b643-fafc2f270f06' object
pageContext.keyValues.adunit optional Ad unit name 'example_com/sport' string

"Send All Bids" Ad Server Keys

These are the bidder-specific keys that would be targeted within GAM in a Send-All-Bids scenario. GAM truncates keys to 20 characters.
hb_pb_ringieraxelspr hb_bidder_ringieraxe hb_adid_ringieraxels
hb_size_ringieraxels hb_source_ringieraxe hb_format_ringieraxe
hb_cache_host_ringie hb_cache_id_ringiera hb_uuid_ringieraxels
hb_cache_path_ringie hb_deal_ringieraxels

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