Adagio Real Time Data Module


This module can be used in combination with Adagio Bid Adapter (SSP) and/or with Adagio prebid server endpoint. It computes and collects data required to leverage Adagio viewability and attention prediction engine.

Please contact for more information.

Disclosure: This module loads external code that is not open source and has not been reviewed by


This module is configured as part of the realTimeData.dataProviders object.

  realTimeData: {
      name: 'adagio',
      params: {
        organizationId: '1000', // Required. Provided by Adagio
        site: "my-site" // Required. Provided by Adagio

Syntax details:

Name Scope Description Example Type
name required Real time data module name: Always 'adagio' 'adagio' string
params required     Object
params.organizationId required Account id provided by Adagio. '1000' string required Account site name provided by Adagio. 'my-site' string


To install the module, follow these instructions:

  • Contact Adagio to get an account

  • Build the prebid.js file

    • Option 1: Use Prebid Download page to build the prebid package. Ensure that you do check Adagio in Bidder Adapters and Adagio Rtd Module in Vendor-Specific Modules

    • Option 2: From the command line, run gulp build --modules=adagioBidAdapter,rtdModule,adagioRtdProvider,...

  • Enable Adagio Real Time Module using pbjs.setConfig. Example is provided in Configuration section.