DSA Control Module

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The ORTB DSA extension provides a method for publishers to request DSA transparency information, and for buyers to attach it to their bids. This module adds validation for DSA information, discarding bids that do not match what was requested.


With this module installed, validations are enabled by requesting DSA transparency information. For example:

  ortb2: {
      regs: {
          ext: {
              dsa: {
                  dsarequired: 2,  
                  pubrender: 0
                  // ...

This module will then enforce that:

  • all bids include DSA information, if required (dsarequired is either 2 or 3);
  • all bids that provide DSA information use a compatible rendering method:
    • if the request indicates that the publisher can’t render (pubrender is 0), then the advertiser must (adrender cannot be 0);
    • if it indicates that the publisher will render (pubrender is 2), then the advertiser must not (adrender cannot be 1).

Bids that fail the checks above are rejected with a console warning and removed from the auction.

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