GPP Consent Management Module


This consent management module is designed to support the Global Privacy Platform (GPP). GPP API 1.0 support is available; GPP 1.1 support is scheduled to be added in July 2023 in the approximate version Prebid.js 8.6.

This module works with supported Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) to fetch an encoded string representing the user’s consent choices (for their respective region) and make it available for adapters to consume and process.

Prebid functionality created to address regulatory requirements does not replace each party’s responsibility to determine its own legal obligations and comply with all applicable laws. We recommend consulting with your legal counsel before determining how to utilize these features in support of your overall privacy approach. This module is not yet intended to replace other consent modules; it supplements them.

Below is a summary of the actions performed by the GPP consent management module:

  1. Fetch the user’s GPP consent data from the IAB-compliant CMP.
  2. Incorporate this data into the auction objects for adapters to collect.
  3. Proceed with the auction.

In the case of a new user, CMPs will generally respond only after there is consent information available (i.e., the user has made their consent choices). Making these selections can take some time for the average user, so the module provides timeout settings.

If the timeout period expires or an error from the CMP is thrown, one of these actions occurs:

  • The auction is canceled outright.
  • The auction proceeds without the user’s consent information.

Page Integration

To utilize this module, a Consent Management Platform (CMP) compatible with the IAB GPP CMP spec needs to be implemented on the site to interact with the user and obtain their consent choices. It’s important to understand the details of how the CMP works before integrating it with Prebid.js.

In general, implementation details for CMPs are not covered by, but we do recommend that you place the CMP code before the Prebid.js code in the head of the page in order to ensure the CMP’s framework is loaded before the Prebid code executes. In addition, the community is collecting a set of CMP best practices.

Once the CMP is implemented, simply include this module into your build and add a consentManagement object in the setConfig() call. Adapters that support this feature will then be able to retrieve the consent information and incorporate it in their requests.

Here are the parameters supported in the consentManagement object specific for the GPP consent module:

Param Type Description Example
gpp Object    
gpp.cmpApi string The CMP interface that is in use. Supported values are ‘iab’ or ‘static’. Static allows integrations where IAB-formatted consent strings are provided in a non-standard way. Default is 'iab'. 'iab'
gpp.timeout integer Length of time (in milliseconds) to allow the CMP to obtain the GPP consent information. Default is 10000. 10000
gpp.consentData Object An object representing the IAB GPP consent data being passed directly; only used when cmpApi is ‘static’. Default is undefined.  
gpp.consentData.sectionId integer Indicates the header section of the GPP consent string, recommended to be 3.  
gpp.consentData.gppVersion string The version number parsed from the header of the GPP consent string.  
gpp.consentData.sectionList Array of integers The sections contained within the encoded GPP string as parsed from the header.  
gpp.consentData.applicableSections Array of integers Section ID considered to be in force for this transaction. In most cases, this field should have a single section ID. In rare occasions where such a single section ID can not be determined, the field may contain up to 2 values. The value can be 0 or a Section ID specified by the Publisher / Advertiser, during stub / load. When no section is applicable, the value will be -1.  
gpp.consentData.gppString String The complete encoded GPP string.  
gpp.consentData.pingData Object An object representing the current status of the CMP at the time consent data was fetched. See PingReturn in IAB’s CMP API doc for further information.  

In addition to the static approach described above, there is another means to pass already known GPP consent data of a user via the Prebid.js First Party Data feature. The values for gppString and applicableSections can be passed via the ortb2.regs.gpp and ortb2.regs.gpp_sid fields respectively; other fields in the GPP data object listed above are not available via the ortb2 structure. If the GPP consent module is present and successfully obtains the consent information from the CMP, it will override the GPP values set originally in the ortb2 object (as we assume the CMP’s values will be more up-to-date). Please visit the First Party Data page for more overall information and examples.

Several default expression expressions of GPP strings as activity controls exist or are underway as the GPP adds sections and publishers request additional default expressions. For example, see Prebid Activity Controls – GPP control module - usnat. If no default expression of a string into activity controls exists for a particular section, or the publisher is not satisfied with a particular module’s defaults and available overrides, publishers can express the suppressions in the activity control syntax directly.


Example 1: IAB CMP using a custom timeout

     var pbjs = pbjs || {};
     pbjs.que = pbjs.que || [];
     pbjs.que.push(function() {
          consentManagement: {
            gpp: {
              cmpApi: 'iab',
              timeout: 8000

Example 2: Static CMP using custom data passing.

     var pbjs = pbjs || {};
     pbjs.que = pbjs.que || [];
     pbjs.que.push(function() {
          consentManagement: {
            gpp: {
              cmpApi: 'static',
              consentData: {
                sectionId: 3,
                gppVersion: 1,
                sectionList: [5, 7]
                applicableSections: [7]
                pingData: {...}

Build the Package

Follow the basic build instructions in the GitHub Prebid.js repo’s main README. To include the consent management module, an additional option must be added to the gulp build command:

gulp build --modules=consentManagementGpp,bidAdapter1,bidAdapter2

You can also use the Prebid.js Download page.

Adapter Integration

If you are submitting changes to an adapter to support GPP, please also submit a PR to the docs repo to add the gpp_sids meta data with a comma separated list of section names (tcfeu, tcfca, usnat, usstate_all, usp) to your respective page in the bidders directory. This will ensure that your adapter’s name will automatically appear on the list of adapters supporting GPP.

Bidder Adapter GPP Integration

To find the GPP consent information to pass along to your system, adapters should look for the bidderRequest.gppConsent field in their buildRequests() method; this field includes a copy of the full GPPData object from the CMP, in case additional information (beyond the gppString and applicableSections values) is needed. Alternatively if only the consent string and/or the applicableSections values are needed, these two values can also be found in the bidderRequest.ortb2.regs field under the OpenRTB 2.6 field names (gpp and gpp_sid). Here is a sample of how the data is structured in the bidderRequest object:

  "bidderCode": "bidderA",
  "auctionId": "e3a336ad-2222-4a1c-bbbb-ecc7c5294a34",
  "timeout": 3000,
  "gppConsent": {
    "gppString": "BOJ/P2HOJ/P2HABABMAAAAAZ+A==",
    "fullGppData": {...},
    "applicableSections": [7]
  "ortb2": {
    "regs": {
      "gpp": "BOJ/P2HOJ/P2HABABMAAAAAZ+A==",
      "gpp_sid": [7]

UserSync Integration

The gppConsent object is also available when registering userSync pixels. The object can be accessed by including it as an argument in the getUserSyncs function:

getUserSyncs: function(syncOptions, responses, gdprConsent, usPrivacy, gppConsent) {

Depending on your needs, you could include the consent information in a query of your pixel and/or, given the consent choices, determine if you should drop the pixels at all.

Adapters Supporting GPP

Bidders on this list have self-declared their GPP support in their [] md file by adding “gpp_sids: tcfeu, tcfca, usnat, usstate_all, usp”.

Further Reading