GPP Control Module - USNat string


This consent management control module is designed to support the Global Privacy Platform Section 7 string, USNat. For more Prebid-related background, see Prebid MSPA Support. In sum, the USNat string is intended to unify various state laws into a single privacy string, with participants’ behavior governed by the IAB’s (MSPA). It is intended to complement, not replace, the GPP consent management module, which gathers GPP consent strings and makes them available to vendor integrations. The goal is to gather sensible and conservative activity controls for elements of Prebid.js given various expressions of the USNat consent string.

This module does not support any other GPP section id or local GPP api. For US state section see the GPP Control - US State module. In order to control activities in a section without a control module, publishers can express their controls directly in the syntax of the activity control infrastructure. If a publisher wants finer control over section 7 implications on Prebid.js behavior than this module provides (eg not invalidating certain strings), they are able to achieve that using the activity control syntax as an alternative to this module.

Prebid functionality created to address regulatory requirements does not replace each party’s responsibility to determine its own legal obligations and comply with all applicable laws. We recommend consulting with your legal counsel before determining how to utilize these features in support of your overall privacy approach. This module is not yet intended to replace other consent modules; it supplements them.

Page Integration

This module activates if the gpp object in the consent management configuration section exists and the consentManagementGpp module exists. See that module’s documentation for parameter definitions. This module does not work with static GPP section 7 strings provided in the first-party data regs.gpp object, but does work if the gpp.cmpApi is set to static and gpp.consentData is appropriately populated via setConfig.

Build the Package

Follow the basic build instructions in the GitHub Prebid.js repo’s main README. To include the consent management module and the GPP Control - USNat module, an additional option must be added to the gulp build command:

gulp build --modules=consentManagementGpp,gppContol_usnat,bidAdapter1,bidAdapter2

You can also use the Prebid.js Download page.

Further Reading