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33Across ID

The 33Across User ID sub-module is a way for publishers to monetize their cookieless inventory across multiple supply-side platforms via Prebid.JS. The sub-module provides publishers with addressability for their open marketplace cookieless inventory and access to cookieless demand. The 33Across User ID sub-module utilizes Lexicon technology to connect Publishers to Demand partners via proprietary technologies in a probabilistic and privacy-safe manner. Please contact to get your authorization process started.

For Lexicon, we only support US/CAN/AUS/JP.

33Across ID Configuration

Please make sure to add the 33across user ID sub-module to your Prebid.js package with:

gulp build --modules=33acrossIdSystem,userId

The following configuration parameters are available:

Param under userSync.userIds[] Scope Type Description Example
name Required String The name of this sub-module "33acrossId"
params     Details for the sub-module initialization Required String Partner ID (PID) Please reach out to and request your PID
params.storeFpid Optional Boolean Indicates whether a supplemental first-party ID may be stored to improve addressability false (default) or true
storage Required String The name of the cookie or html5 local storage key "33acrossId" (recommended)
storage.type Required String This is where the 33across user ID will be stored "html5" (recommended) or "cookie"
storage.expires Strongly Recommended Number How long (in days) the user ID information will be stored 30 (recommended)
storage.refreshInSeconds Strongly Recommended Number How many seconds until the ID is refreshed 8 * 3600 (recommended)

33Across ID Example

  userSync: {
    userIds: [{
      name: "33acrossId",
      params: {
        pid: "0010b00002GYU4eBAH", // Example ID
        storeFpid: true
      storage: {
        name: "33acrossId",
        type: "html5",
        expires: 30,
        refreshInSeconds: 8 * 3600

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