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MyGaru ID

MyGaru provides single use tokens as a UserId for SSPs and DSP that consume telecom DMP data.

MyGaru ID Configuration

First, add the AMX ID module to your Prebid.js build:

gulp build --modules=userId,myGaruIdSystem

Then configure the MyGaru id submodule in your userSync configuration:

Params configuration is not required. Mygaru id system is asynchronous and in order to get ids for initial ad auctions you need to add an auctionDelay param to your userSync config. Currently, Mygaru id system does not operate in EU region.

    userSync: {
        auctionDelay: 100,
        userIds: [{
            name: 'mygaruId',

This will add a userId.mygaru property to all bidRequests:

    mygaru: 'vatfS0UEgXShEqYuQy0lpzWl7rSuKeNs0U8C8841KoYbFUiyvTpS'

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