Goldfish Ads Real Time Data Provider

This RTD module provides access to the Goldfish Ads Geograph, which leverages geographic and temporal data on a privcay-first platform. This module works without using cookies, PII, emails, or device IDs across all website traffic, including unauthenticated users, and adds audience data into bid requests to increase scale and yields.

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  1. Compile the Goldfish Ads RTD Module into your Prebid build:

    gulp build --modules="goldfishAdsRtdProvider,..."
  2. Use setConfig to instruct Prebid.js to initilize the goldfishAds module, as specified below.


This module is configured as part of the realTimeData.dataProviders

var pbjs = pbjs || { que: [] }
pbjs.que.push(function () {
        realTimeData: {
            auctionDelay: 100,
            dataProviders: [
                    name: 'goldfishAds',
                    waitForIt: true,
                    params: {
                        key: 'testkey'

Syntax details:

Name Type Description Notes
name String Real time data module name Always ‘goldfishAds’
waitForIt Boolean Should be true if there’s an auctionDelay defined (optional) false
params Object    
params.key String A key given by Goldfish Ads to activate your endpoint