Relevad RTD Provider

Relevad is a contextual semantic analytics company. Our privacy-first, cookieless contextual categorization, segmentation, and keyword generation platform is designed to help publishers and advertisers optimize targeting and increase ad inventory yield.

This real-time data processing module provides quality contextual IAB categories and segments to prebid.js auction bidders. Every category and segment comes with a score measuring its relevance to the publisher’s web page. Publishers may configure their preferred minimum score setting with the module parameter “minscore”. Relevad service does not use browser cookies and is fully GDPR compliant.


Compile the Relevad RTD module (relevaddRtdProvider) into your Prebid build, along with the parent RTD Module (rtdModule):

gulp build --modules=rtdModule,relevadRtdProvider

Next we configure the module, via pbjs.setConfig. See the Parameter Descriptions below for more detailed information of the configuration parameters.

    realTimeData: {
      auctionDelay: 1000,
      dataProviders: [
          name: "RelevadRTDModule",
          waitForIt: true,
          params: { 
              partnerId: your_partner_id, // Your Relevad partner id.
              setgpt: true,               // Target or not google GAM/GPT on your page.
            minscore: 30,               // Minimum relevancy score (0-100). If absent, defaults to 30.
            // The list of bidders to target with Relevad categories and segments. If absent or empty, target all bidders.
            bidders: [
              { bidder: "appnexus",                   // Bidder name
                adUnitCodes: ['adUnit-1','adUnit-2'], // List of adUnit codes to target. If absent or empty, target all ad units.
                minscore: 70, // Minimum relevancy score for this bidder (0-100). If absent, defaults to the global minscore.
 // ...

Parameter Descriptions

Name Type Description Notes
name String Relevad RTD module name Mandatory, must be RelevadRTDModule
waitForIt Boolean Whether to delay auction for the RTD module response Optional. Defaults to false.We recommend setting it to true. Relevad RTD service is very fast.
params Object   Relevad RTD module configuration
params.partnerid String Relevad Partner ID, required to enable the service Mandatory
params.publisherid String Relevad publisher id Mandatory
params.apikey String Relevad API key Mandatory
param.actualUrl String Your page URL. When present, will be categorized instead of the browser-provided URL Optional, defaults to the browser-providedURL
params.setgpt Boolean Target or not Google GPT/GAM when it is configured on your page Optional, defaults to true.
params.minscore Integer Minimum categorization relevancy score in the range of 0-100. Our categories and segments come with their relevancy scores. We’ll send to the bidders only categories and segments with the scores higher than the minscore. Optional, defaults to 30
params.bidders Dictionary Bidders with which to share category and segment information Optional. If empty or absent, target all bidders.

Bidder-specific configuration. Every bidder may have these configuration parameters

Name Type Description Notes
bidder String Bidder name Mandatory. Example: “appnexus”
adUnitCodes Array of Strings List of specific AdUnit codes you with to target Optional. If empty or absent, all ad units are targeted.
minscore Integer Bidder-specific minimum categorization relevancy score (0, 100) Optional, defaults to global minscore above.

If you do not have your own partnerid, publisherid, apikey please reach out to


To view an example of the on page setup required:

gulp serve-fast --modules=rtdModule,relevadRtdProvider

Then in your browser access:


Run the unit tests for Relevad RTD module:

gulp test --file "test/spec/modules/relevadRtdProvider_spec.js"


If you require further assistance or are interested in discussing the module functionality please reach out to