Contxtful Real Time Data Module


The Contxtful RTD module enhances ad units by adding a Receptivity score to the meta-data. This score quantifies user attention in real time and can be used to guide bidding decisions.

Disclosure: This module loads external code that is not open source and has not been reviewed by


To incorporate this module into your prebid.js, compile the module using the following command:

gulp build --modules=contxtfulRtdProvider,<other modules...>


Configure the contxtfulRtdProvider by passing the required settings through the setConfig function in prebid.js.

import pbjs from 'prebid.js';

  "realTimeData": {
    "auctionDelay": 1000,
    "dataProviders": [
        "name": "contxtful",
        "waitForIt": true,
        "params": {
          "version": "<API Version>",
          "customer": "<Contxtful Customer ID>"


Name Type Scope Description
version string Required Specifies the API version of Contxtful.
customer string Required Your unique customer identifier.


The contxtfulRtdProvider module loads an external JavaScript file and authenticates with Contxtful APIs. The getTargetingData function then adds a ReceptivityState to each ad slot, which can have one of two values: Receptive or NonReceptive.

  "adUnitCode1": { "ReceptivityState": "Receptive" },
  "adUnitCode2": { "ReceptivityState": "NonReceptive" }

This module also integrates seamlessly with Google Ad Manager, ensuring that the ReceptivityState is available as early as possible in the ad serving process.


To view an integration example:

  1. In your CLI run:

     gulp serve --modules=appnexusBidAdapter,contxtfulRtdProvider
  2. In your browser, navigate to:



To utilize this module, you need to register for an account with Contxtful. For inquiries, please contact