Reconciliation SDK Module


The purpose of Reconciliation Real Time Data Provider is to allow publishers to collect supply chain structure information and vendor-specific impression IDs from ad creative suppliers. It reports the data to the Reconciliation Service, allowing publishers, advertisers and other supply chain participants to match and reconcile ad server, SSP, DSP and verification system log file records. Reconciliation SDK was created as part of TAG DLT initiative ( TAG recently led a twelve-month, cross-industry pilot in the UK that evaluated the feasibility and benefits of using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to increase trust and transparency in digital advertising.

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Implementation works like this:

  1. Build the Reconciliation module into the Prebid.js package with:

     gulp build --modules=reconciliationRtdProvider&...
  2. Use setConfig to pass parameters to module


This module is configured as part of the realTimeData.dataProviders object:

    "realTimeData": {
            name: "reconciliation",
            params: {
                publisherMemberId: "test_prebid_publisher",
                allowAccess: true, //optional - false by default

Syntax details:

Name Type Description Notes
name String Real time data module name Always ‘reconciliation’
params Object    
params.publisherMemberId String Unique Publisher ID  
params.allowAccess Boolean Share AdUnit IDs with advertiser Reconciliation Tags Optional. Default to false


For each ad slot, the module returns custom targeting values used to match impressions (publisher-adserver-advertiser). The module also tracks AdUnit initialization and impressions (‘impression’ message is sent by the Reconciliation Tag in ad markup).

Custom targetings example:

      "RSDK_AUID": "/slotA-Unit",
      "RSDK_ADID": "b5bbc103-00e9-499d-9637-bdba05b65427"
      "RSDK_AUID": "/slotB-Unit",
      "RSDK_ADID": "325da95e-e37d-45fa-a46f-8ff91168b121"