This module is free to use.


This analytics adapter collects data about win/loss events (beacon firings) from each auction run on your site. This data is communicated to Sharethrough via API calls the analytics adapter makes to an endpoint dedicated to the collection of beacon information. Sharethrough uses this information to improve its services as a SSP.

Example Configuration

  provider: 'sharethrough',

Compiling from Source (Optional)

In order to guarantee consistent reporting events, we recommend including the GPT Pre-Auction Module, gptPreAuction. This module is included by default when Prebid is downloaded.

If you are compiling from source, this might look something like:

gulp bundle --modules=gptPreAuction,sharethroughBidAdapter,sharethroughAnalyticsAdapter

Please note that the above snippet is a “bare bones” example - you will likely want to include other modules as well. A more realistic example might look something like the example below (with other bid adapters also included in the list as needed):

gulp bundle --modules=gptPreAuction,consentManagementTcf,consentManagementGpp,consentManagementUsp,enrichmentFpdModule,tcfControl,sharethroughBidAdapter,sharethroughAnalyticsAdapter

Enable the Sharethrough Analytics Adapter in Prebid.js using the analytics provider sharethrough as seen in the Example Configuration section.