Optimera Real Time Data Module


Optimera Real Time Data Module. Provides targeting for ad requests from data collected by the Optimera Measurement script on your site. Please contact Optimera for information. This is a port of the Optimera Bidder Adapter.


  1. Compile the Optimera RTD Provider into your Prebid build:

     gulp build --modules=rtdModule,optimeraRtdProvider

    Note: You must include rtdModule in the build list.

  2. Use setConfig to instruct Prebid.js to initialize the optimera module, as specified below.


This module is configured as part of the realTimeData.dataProviders object.

Configuration example for using RTD module with the optimeraRTD provider:

  realTimeData: {
    dataProviders: [
        name: 'optimeraRTD',
        waitForIt: true,
        params: {
          clientID: '9999',
          optimeraKeyName: 'optimera',
          device: 'de',
          apiVersion: 'v0',

Migration From the Optimera Bidder Adapter

The Optimera Bidder Adapter is no longer active with Prebid 5.0. Therefore, the bidder settings used for the Optimera Bidder Adapter for < Prebid 5.0 can be removed and replaced with this new Optimera RTD module configuration.

For the optimeraKeyName setting, the Optimera Bidder Adapter used ‘hb_deal_optimera’ as the key name, as this is the key that name used in GAM. There is no need to change this key name in GAM, as you can still use this key name with the Optimera RTD Module as indicated above.

Parameters details:

Contact Optimera to get assistance with the params.

param name type Scope Description
clientID string required Optimera Client ID
optimeraKeyName string optional GAM key name for Optimera. If migrating from the Optimera bidder adapter this will default to hb_deal_optimera and can be ommitted from the configuration.
device string optional Device type code for mobile, tablet, or desktop. Either mo, tb, de
apiVersion string optional Optimera API Versions. Either v0, or v1. ** Note: v1 wll need to be enabled specifically for your account, otherwise use v0.


To view an integration example:

  1. in your cli run:

     gulp serve --modules=appnexusBidAdapter,optimeraRtdProvider`
  2. in your browser, navigate to:


You will be able to see targeting set for each ad request with the ‘optimera’ key name.