Blue Billywig


Bidder Memberno
Media Typesdisplay, videoGDPR Supportyes
User IDsbritepoolId, criteo, id5Id, identityLink, liveIntentId, netId, parrableId, pubCommonId, unifiedIdCOPPA Supportyes

"Send All Bids" Ad Server Keys

These are the bidder-specific keys that would be targeted within GAM in a Send-All-Bids scenario. GAM truncates keys to 20 characters.

"Deal ID" Ad Server Key


Bid Params

Name Scope Description Example Type
publicationName required The name of your Blue Billywig publication "bbprebid" string
accountId required Your publication ID at Blue Billywig 642 integer
rendererCode required The name of the renderer to use in your Blue Billywig publication "renderer" string
connections required Back-ends to connect with. For every value in this a param matching the back-end should exist too. ["bluebillywig"] array
video optional Any OpenRTB 2.5 video params to additionally send along to the SSPs. {"maxduration": 30} object