A Video Overview of Prebid Mobile

A high-level overview of Prebid Mobile, Prebid’s header bidding product for iOS and Android applications.

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Prebid is a non-profit organization, a JavaScript library, and a suite of products that extend the capabilities of the publisher ad stack.

Prebid is a member-based organization made up of companies in the digital publishing and advertising technology industries. These companies work together through Prebid.org to build free, open source software that monetizes digital media through advertising.

Why Prebid?

Prebid addresses the need for reliable shared technology in programmatic advertising. Serving a single ad is a complex and tightly choreographed routine that requires the cooperation of many entities. This process takes just a few seconds and occurs several billion times per day, accounting for billions of dollars per year in advertising spend.

With such high stakes, the digital media industry needs standards that are accessible, transparent, and fair. Prebid establishes the foundation for sellers, buyers, and vendors to work together effectively to create high quality digital media supply chains and maximize the value of publishers’ content.

A Brief History of Prebid

The birth of Prebid can be traced back to Prebid.js, an open-source JavaScript library that provided a simple and reliable way to implement header bidding on websites. Header bidding is technology that connects websites to programmatic advertising marketplaces. In the early days of header bidding, these integrations were complicated and opaque. This made it difficult for publishers to maximize the value of their content and difficult for advertisers to buy advertising space efficiently and transparently.

Prebid.js addressed these problems by creating a standardized, transparent platform for header bidding. Following the rapid adoption of Prebid.js, Prebid.org was formed to oversee the development of Prebid technology and create new products.

Prebid’s Products

Today, Prebid has three product areas: Prebid.js, Prebid Mobile, and Prebid Server. Prebid.js is a client-side header bidding wrapper for websites, while Prebid Mobile enables header bidding in iOS and Android applications. Prebid Server makes it possible to run header bidding auctions in the cloud for monetizing websites, apps, long form video streams, digital out-of-home, and other forms of media.


Prebid Org has a Board of Directors representing its publisher, buyer, and technology provider members. The Board steers Prebid, upholding its principles and setting its goals. Within Prebid.org, there are also several Project Management Committees, each of which drives the development of a specific Product area. The Committees are made up of people who work for Prebid’s member companies. Prebid also has a small full-time staff that does software development, community development, and administration. The Prebid community also includes companies who offer proprietary products and services that extend Prebid’s capabilities and provide enterprise support.

Learn More

To learn more about Prebid, visit prebid.org. To get started using Prebid, visit docs.prebid.org. To learn about becoming a Prebid Member, visit prebid.org/membership. To contribute to the software, visit Prebid’s Github repository at github.com/prebid.