Native Ad Configuration

The NativeAdConfiguration class provides an ability to set assets, event trackers and other OpenRTB parameters required for Native Ads.


Property Default Required Description
context Undefined recommended The context in which the ad appears
contextsubtype Undefined optional A more detailed context in which the ad appears
plcmttype Undefined recommended The design/format/layout of the ad unit being offered
seq - optional 0 for the first ad, 1 for the second ad, and so on. Note this would generally NOT be used in combination with plcmtcnt - either you are auctioning multiple identical placements (in which case plcmtcnt>1, seq=0) or you are holding separate auctions for distinct items in the feed (in which case plcmtcnt=1, seq=>=1)
assets - required An array of Asset Objects.
eventtrackers - optional Specifies what type of event tracking is supported
privacy false recommended Set to 1 when the native ad supports buyer-specific privacy notice. Set to 0 when the native ad doesn’t support custom privacy links or if support is unknown
ext - optional This object is a placeholder that may contain custom JSON

Note: plcmtcnt, aurlsupport and durlsupport OpenRTB fields are not supported

Event Trackers

NativeEventTracker class is used to set up the eventtrackers field for the Native bid request respectively to the OpenRTB docs.

The event tracker object specifies the kinds of events the bidder can request to be tracked in the bid response, and which types of tracking are available for each event type.

Event Trackers Properties

Name Description
eventType Type of event available for tracking
eventTrackingMethods Array of the types of tracking available for the given event
ext The custom extension available to the publisher

Event Trackers Enums


Name ID Description
Impression 1 Impression
MRC50 2 Visible impression using MRC definition at 50% in view for 1second
MRC100 3 100% in view for 1 second (ie GroupM standard)
Video50 4 Visible impression for video using MRC definition at 50% in view for 2 seconds
ExchangeSpecific 500+ Exchange specific


Name ID Description
Image 1 Image-pixel tracking - URL provided will be inserted as a 1x1 pixel at the time of the event
JS 2 Javascript-based tracking - URL provided will be inserted as a js tag at the time of the event
ExchangeSpecific 500+ Could include custom measurement companies such as moat, double verify, IAS, etc - in this case additional elements will often be passed



Name ID Description
Undefined 0 Unset
ContentCentric 1 Content-centric context such as news feed, article, image gallery, video gallery, or similar
SocialCentric 2 Social-centric context such as social network feed, email, chat, or similar
Product 3 Product context such as product listings, details, recommendations, reviews, or similar
ExchangeSpecific 500+ To be defined by the exchange


NOTE: SubType should only be combined with the primary context type as indicated (ie for a context type of 1, only context subtypes that start with 1 are valid).

Name ID Description
Undefined 0 Unset
GeneralOrMixed 10 General or mixed content
Article 11 Primarily article content (which of course could include images, etc as part of the article)
Video 12 Primarily video content
Audio 13 Primarily audio content
Image 14 Primarily image content
UserGenerated 15 User-generated content - forums, comments, etc
Social 20 General social content such as a general social network
Email 21 Primarily email content
Chat 22 Primarily chat/IM content
SellingProducts 30 Content focused on selling products, whether digital or physical
ApplicationStore 31 Application store/marketplace
ProductReview 32 Product reviews site primarily (which may sell product secondarily)
ExchangeSpecific 500+ To be defined by the exchange


Name ID Description
Undefined 0  
FeedGridListing 1 In the feed of content - for example as an item inside the organic feed/grid/listing/carousel
AtomicUnit 2 In the atomic unit of the content - IE in the article page or single image page
OutsideCoreContent 3 Outside the core content - for example in the ads section on the right rail, as a banner-style placement near the content, etc
RecommendationWidget 4 Recommendation widget, most commonly presented below the article content
ExchangeSpecific 500+ To be defined by the exchange