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Join Now was developed to bring together the oversight, guidance, and development capabilities of the ad tech community to solve the industry’s common technical hurdles. By structuring the organization with a tiered membership system, we can ensure that the organization’s standards are upheld and appropriately funded, and that Prebid solutions continue to be built by and made available to the Prebid community.

Join your industry peers in helping build and shape the ad tech ecosystem.

Why Join?

Companies join because they want to take an active role in supporting the growth and evolution of the ad tech ecosystem:

  • Network with other members of
  • Support the community by helping fund Prebid services and events.
  • Demonstrate thought leadership in the ad tech space.
  • Promote Prebid projects for faster market adoption.
  • Help define the technologies that shape of the industry by participating in our Slack workspace and joining the Product Management Committees.

How To Join

  1. Download and review the Bylaws.
  2. Complete the Membership Agreement.
  3. Prebid will consider your membership application.

Membership Levels and Pricing

  Board Seat PMC Participation Private Slack Instance Participate in Events Email Address Logo on Website Annual Fees
Leader Members $40,000
Technology Partners As a Group, Technology members elect a representative to the board $25,000
Publishers As a Group, Publisher members elect a representative to the board $5,000
Buyers As a Group, Buyer members elect a representative to the board $5,000
Community Free

Have questions about becoming a member, email us at Leader Members Technology Partner Members Publisher Members Community Members