Prebid Video | Long-Form Ad Pod Example with Freewheel

An example of ad pod insertions using Prebid.js and Freewheel.

Important: This example uses a test version of Prebid.js hosted on our CDN that is not recommended for production use. It includes all available adapters. Production implementations should build from source or customize the build using the Download page to make sure only the necessary bidder adapters are included.

  var videoAdUnit = [{
    code: 'sample-code',
    sizes: [640,480],
    mediaTypes: {
      video: {
        context: 'adpod',
        playerSize: [640, 480],
        adPodDurationSec: 300,
        durationRangeSec: [15, 30],
        requireExactDuration: true
    bids: [
        bidder: 'appnexus',
        params: {
          placementId: 14542875

This will be populated when commerical break starts

Warning: Do not forget to exchange the placementId in the code examples with your own placementId!