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Request bids. When adUnits or adUnitCodes are not specified, request bids for all ad units added.

Kind: static method of pbjs API

Returns: a promise to an object {bids, timedOut, auctionId} - see below


Param Scope Type Description
requestObj Optional Object  
requestObj.adUnitCodes Optional Array of strings adUnit codes to request. Use this or requestObj.adUnits. Default to all adUnitCodes if empty.
requestObj.adUnits Optional Array of objects AdUnitObjects to request. Use this or requestObj.adUnitCodes. Default to all adUnits if empty.
requestObj.timeout Optional Integer Timeout for requesting the bids specified in milliseconds
requestObj.bidsBackHandler Optional function Callback to execute when all the bid responses are back or the timeout hits. Callback will be passed 3 arguments - bids, timedOut, and auctionId - see below
requestObj.labels Optional Array of strings Defines labels that may be matched on ad unit targeting conditions.
requestObj.auctionId Optional String Defines an auction ID to be used rather than having the system generate one. This can be useful if there are multiple wrappers on a page and a single auction ID is desired to tie them together in analytics.
requestObj.ortb2 Optional Object Additional first-party data to use for this auction only
requestObj.ttlBuffer Optional Number TTL buffer override for this auction. See setConfig({ttlBuffer})


Param Type Description
bids Object Bids received; see getBidResponses for details
timedOut Boolean true if any bidder timed out
auctionId String the auction’s ID

Example call:

    bidsBackHandler: sendAdserverRequest,
    timeout: 1000,
    labels: ["custom1"]

Example parameters sent to the bidsBackHandler:

function sendAdserverRequest(bids, timedOut, auctionId) {
    // bids
    // {"test-div":{"bids":[{"bidderCode":"bidderA", ...}]}}
    // timedOut=false
    // auctionId="130aad5e-eb1a-4b7d-8939-0663ba251887"

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