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The getConfig function is used for retrieving the current configuration object or subscribing to configuration updates. When called with no parameters, the entire config object is returned. When called with a string parameter, a single configuration property matching that parameter is returned. Be careful with use of this function, as it returns a reference to the configuration instead of a clone. The readConfig function has been introduced for safer use.

/* Get config object */

/* Get debug config */


The getConfig function contains a subscribe feature that adds a callback function to a set of listeners that are invoked whenever setConfig is called. The subscribed function will be passed the options object that was used in the setConfig call. Individual topics can be subscribed to by passing a string as the first parameter and a callback function as the second. For example:

/* Subscribe to all configuration changes */
getConfig((config) => console.log('config set:', config));

/* Subscribe to only 'logging' changes */
getConfig('logging', (config) => console.log('logging set:', config));

/* Unsubscribe */
const unsubscribe = getConfig(...);
unsubscribe(); // no longer listening

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