Prebid 7.0 Bidder Interface and Publisher API Changes

This document describes the changes included for Prebid.js version 7.0.

Publisher Summary

  1. Be aware that a number of modules have been removed. See below for the list.
  2. setConfig of ‘publisherDomain’ is no longer supported. Use setConfig({pageUrl: “URL”}) instead.
  3. setConfig of ‘fpd’ is no longer supported. Use setConfig({ortb2: …}) instead.
  4. Please ensure your Prebid Server provider is running a relatively recent version of Prebid Server. Prebid.js 7 will not work with PBS-Go before 0.66 or PBS-Java before 1.55.

Details on all of these below.

Removed Modules

The following modules have been removed from Prebid.js as part of the 7.0 release. Publishers building with one of them will need to point to its replacement or remove the module from their build.

Module Replacement
AdLive Bid Adapter  
Akamai ID Submodule rearchitected to use RTD module
AppNexus Analytics Adapter  
DistrictM DMX Bid Adapter replaced by Sharethrough
FLOC ID submodule  
Halo ID & RTD submodules replaced by Hadron
NextRoll ID submodule  
OneVideo Bid Adapter replaced by YahooSSP
Sortable Adapters  
TrustX Bid Adapter now an alias of Grid
UserId Targeting Module  

Adapter Interface

Following the precedent of Prebid 5, bidders must read additional values from the ad unit, global config, or the ortb2 object. Bidders may still take these values as parameters, but must also support the Prebid conventions; publishers do not want to set these values multiple times, one for each bid parter. Publishers can now rely on certain parameters no longer needing to be set in bidder configuration, including (a) the instl flag on an ad unit, (b) the position parameter, and (c) the banned categories (bcats). Bidders should consider that if they are accepting any openrtb field in their configuration, they should also check the ortb2 object for that parameter.

In the Prebid 5 release notes, it was noted that publishers should no longer use publisherDomain as a setConfig parameter, and instead prefer PageURL. Adapters no longer read from this location. Also, the object presented to bidders with the page url and that page’s referring page url has been re-implemented. Our goal was that adapters can rely on and, with flags for when top is not reached, the canonical link is used, setConfig(‘pageUrl’) is used, or when window.location.href is used for Many bidders had disparate logic for this and the refererInfo.referer had different meanings in different contexts.

Also, Bid Adapters (not other types of modules) no longer have access to the storage manager unless explicitly allowed by the publisher. We believe bidding functionality should rarely (if ever) need this access and that this extra functionality included in bid adapters must be consented to by the installer in their configuration. The following bid adapters’ unit tests were affected by this change: Adagio, Adnuntius, AP Stream, Concert, Conversant, Craft, Criteo, E-Planning, Invibes, Kargo, Quantcast, Trion, Unicorn, and Vidazoo. Adapters simply setting a random identifier in the first party local storage or cookie should consider if the popular shared id user id submodule can fully achieve this functionality for them. See storageAllowed in the BidderSettings Reference

Adapters are no longer allowed to return alternate bidder codes unless allowed by the publisher. See allowAlternateBidderCodes in the BidderSettings Reference.

Finally, adapters known to use HTTP-1 bidding endpoints may now have notices appended to their documentation.

TCF1 is no longer supported by the Consent Management (GDPR) module. The Consent Management USP module now defaults to framework ‘iab’ and will work without configuration if installed and a functioning __uspapi() exists on the page.

First Party Data

Support has been removed for setConfig('fpd'), config.getLegacyFpd, config.convertAdUnitFpd and related relics of legacy first party data. Publishers should use the methods described in First Party Data.

First party data can also now be set on a specific auction. This is useful for example on infinite scroll pages when contextual segments change, or when the publisher wishes to express the context of an instream video ad but not the display advertising. As part of this change the ortb2 object is now made a part of bid requests, instead of necesitating a getConfig call by an adapter. This has led to slight changes in many dozens of bid adapters and substantial changes to all of the RTD adapters.

Prebid Server Adapter

An undocumented feature “Stored Auction Response” has been deprecated.

The Prebid Server committee moved the ortb2 location of bidder parameters from imp[].ext.BIDDER to imp[].ext.prebid.bidder.BIDDER. PBS versions before PBS-Go 0.66 (April 2019) and PBS-Java 1.55 (Feb 2021) are not compatible with Prebid 7+.

Build changes

In later 6.x versions, an improvement in the build process introduced some undesirable behavior for users loading the library twice on the same pageview to the same global library name. If you load Prebid.js twice on a page using the same global, the second load is now prevented.

Further Reading