Zeus Prime Real Time Data Module

The Zeus Prime RTD Provider provides integration of Zeus Prime onto sites with Prebid. This module will request information from Zeus Prime servers to add the page level targeting required for Prime into the customer’s ad setup.

Zeus Prime runs as soon as the code is initialized, so it can retrieve the information required from the Zeus Prime server to create the targeting key-values. Zeus Prime will provide two page level key-values: zeus_<yourGamId> and zeus_insights. Zeus Prime provides contextual information about a pages content, and does not provide user information that could present privacy implications.

For more information and help with setting up Zeus Prime, see the onboarding documentation site.


To use Zeus Prime, add zeusPrimeRtdProvider into your Prebid build:

gulp build --modules=rtdModule,zeusPrimeRtdProvider

Note that the global RTD module, rtdModule, is required for the Zeus Prime RTD module.

Once the code is included, configure Zeus Prime in your Prebid configuration:

  realTimeData: {
    dataProviders: [{
      name: 'zeusPrime',
      params: {
        gamId: '<yourGamId>'


The parameters below describe the configuration object used to configure Zeus Prime.

Name Type Description Notes
name String This will always be zeusPrime -
waitForIt Boolean Should the auction delay until Zeus Prime completes. (optional) Defaults to false.
params Object   -
params.gamId String The gamId or Google Ad Manager Network Code. -

gamId Parameter

Zeus Prime requires the gamId parameter, or the Google Ad Manager Network Code, to reference your account. See the Google documentation to find out where you can retrieve the Network Code.


For troubleshooting steps and guides to assist with verifying your Zeus Prime installation, see our installation documentation.