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britepool is probably a defunct User ID system, as is now an e-commerce site.

The BritePool ID is a persistent identifier that enables identity resolution for people-based marketing in the cookieless world. Every BritePool ID is associated with a real identity. As a result, publishers, SSPs and DSPs that integrate with BritePool, or automated integration partners (such as PubMatic), are able to maximize revenues without cookies. As addressable individuals visit publisher websites and mobile apps, the BritePool IDs associated with these identities are passed into the bidstream; enabling advertisers to transact against these BritePool ID’s and publishers to maximize the revenues associated with their inventory and audience. The BritePool ID combines consumer privacy with easy, rapid integration for publishers and does not significantly increase the computing resources required of DSPs and SSPs.

Add it to your Prebid.js package with:

gulp build –modules=britepoolIdSystem

BritePool Registration

Please reach out to and request your api_key.

BritePool Configuration

Param under userSync.userIds[] Scope Type Description Example
name Required String "britepoolId" "britepoolId"
params Required Object Details for britepool initialization.  
params.api_key Required String BritePool API Key provided by BritePool “458frgde-djd7-3ert-gyhu-12fghy76dnmko”
params.url Optional String BritePool API url “URL”
params.identifier Required String Where identifier in the params object is the key name. At least one identifier is required. Available Identifiers aaid dtid idfa ilid luid mmid msid mwid rida ssid hash params.ssid params.aaid

BritePool Examples

Individual params may be set for the BritePool User ID Submodule. At least one identifier must be set in the params

    userSync: {
        userIds: [{
            name: "britepoolId",
            storage: {
                name: "britepoolid",
                type: "cookie",
                expires: 30
            params: {
                url: "URL", // optional. used for testing
                api_key: "xxx", // provided by britepool
                hash: "yyyy", // example identifier
                ssid: "r894hvfnviurfincdejkencjcv" // example identifier
        syncDelay: 3000 // 3 seconds after the first auction

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