OneKey Data Provider


The OneKey real-time data module in Prebid has been built so that publishers can quickly and easily setup the OneKey Addressability Framework. This module is used along with the oneKeyIdSystem to pass OneKey data to your partners. Both modules are required. This module will pass transmission requests to your partners while the oneKeyIdSystem will pass the oneKeyData.

Background information:

Implementation for Publishers


  1. Compile the OneKey RTD Provider and the OneKey UserID sub-module into your Prebid build.

     gulp build --modules=rtdModule,oneKeyRtdProvider
  2. Publishers must register OneKey RTD Provider as a Real Time Data provider by using setConfig to load a Prebid Config containing a realTimeData.dataProviders array:

         realTimeData: {
         auctionDelay: 100,
         dataProviders: [
                 name: 'oneKey',
                 waitForIt: true
  3. Configure the OneKey RTD Provider with the bidders that are part of the OneKey community. If there is no bidders specified, the RTD provider will share OneKey data with all adapters.

⚠️ This module works with a User Id sub-module. Both must be configured. See the OneKey Id Sub-Module.


Name Type Description Notes
name String Real time data module name Always ‘oneKey’
waitForIt Boolean Required to ensure that the auction is delayed until prefetch is complete Optional. Defaults to false
params Object   Optional
params.bidders Array List of bidders to restrict the data to. Optional

Implementation for Bidders

Bidder Requests

The data will provided to the bidders using the ortb2 object. The following is an example of the format of the data:

"user": {
    "ext": {
        "paf": {
            "transmission": {
                "seed": {
                    "version": "0.1",
                    "transaction_ids": ["06df6992-691c-4342-bbb0-66d2a005d5b1", "d2cd0aa7-8810-478c-bd15-fb5bfa8138b8"],
                    "publisher": "",
                    "source": {
                        "domain": "",
                        "timestamp": 1649712888,
                        "signature": "turzZlXh9IqD5Rjwh4vWR78pKLrVsmwQrGr6fgw8TPgQVJSC8K3HvkypTV7lm3UaCi+Zzjl+9sd7Hrv87gdI8w=="
"ortb2Imp": {
    "ext": {
        "data": {
            "paf": {
                "transaction_id": "52d23fed-4f50-4c17-b07a-c458143e9d09"

Bidder Responses

Bidders who are part of the OneKey Addressability Framework and receive OneKey transmissions are required to return transmission responses as outlined in OneKey-Network/addressability-framework. Transmission responses should be appended to bids along with the releveant content_id using the meta.paf field. The paf-lib will be responsible for collecting all of the transmission responses.

Below is an example of setting a transmission response:

bid.meta.paf = {
    content_id: "90141190-26fe-497c-acee-4d2b649c2112",
    transmission: {
        version: "0.1",
        contents: [
                transaction_id: "f55a401d-e8bb-4de1-a3d2-fa95619393e8",
                content_id: "90141190-26fe-497c-acee-4d2b649c2112"
        status: "success",
        details: "",
        receiver: "",
        source: {
            domain: "",
            timestamp: 1639589531,
            signature: "d01c6e83f14b4f057c2a2a86d320e2454fc0c60df4645518d993b5f40019d24c"
        children: []