Captify RTD Module


Captify uses publisher first-party on-site search data to power machine learning algorithms to create a suite of contextual based targeting solutions that activate in a cookieless environment.

The RTD submodule allows bid requests to be classified by our live-classification service, maximising value for publishers by increasing scale for advertisers.

Segments will be attached to bid request objects sent to different SSPs in order to optimize targeting.

Contact for more information.


  1. Compile the Captify RTD Module along with your bid adapter and other modules into your Prebid build:

     gulp build --modules="rtdModule,captifyRtdProvider,appnexusBidAdapter,..."  
  2. Use setConfig to instruct Prebid.js to initialize the Captify RTD module, as specified below.


This module is configured as part of the realTimeData.dataProviders

var TIMEOUT = 100; // in milliseconds
    realTimeData: {
        auctionDelay: TIMEOUT,
        dataProviders: [
                name: "CaptifyRTDModule",
                waitForIt: true,
                params: {
                    pubId: 123456,
                    bidders: ['appnexus'],


Name Type Description Mandatory Notes
name String Real time data module name yes Always ‘CaptifyRTDModule’
waitForIt Boolean Should be true if there’s an auctionDelay defined (recommended) no Default false
params Object      
params.pubId Integer Partner ID, required to get results and provided by Captify yes Use 123456 for tests, speak to your Captify account manager to receive your pubId
params.bidders Array List of bidders for which you would like data to be set yes Currently only ‘appnexus’ supported
params.url String Captify live-classification service url no Defaults to