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Bidder Code rise Member no
Media Types video GDPR TCF Support yes
User IDs none USP/CCPA Support yes
Supply Chain Support yes COPPA Support no
Demand Chain Support no Safeframes OK check with bidder
Supports Deals check with bidder Prebid.js Adapter yes
IAB GVL ID check with bidder Prebid Server Adapter no
Floors Module Support no

"Send All Bids" Ad Server Keys

These are the bidder-specific keys that would be targeted within GAM in a Send-All-Bids scenario. GAM truncates keys to 20 characters.
hb_pb_rise hb_bidder_rise hb_adid_rise
hb_size_rise hb_source_rise hb_format_rise
hb_cache_host_rise hb_cache_id_rise hb_uuid_rise
hb_cache_path_rise hb_deal_rise


The Rise adapter requires setup and approval. Please reach out to to setup an Rise account.

Bid Parameters


Name Scope Type Description Example
org required String Rise publisher Id provided by your Rise representative “56f91cd4d3e3660002000033”
floorPrice optional Number Minimum price in USD.

Misuse of this parameter can impact revenue
ifa optional String The ID for advertisers (also referred to as “IDFA”) “XXX-XXX”
testMode optional Boolean This activates the test mode false


var adUnits = [
        code: 'dfp-video-div',
        sizes: [[640, 480]],
        mediaTypes: {
          video: {
            playerSize: [[640, 480]],
            context: 'instream'
        bids: [{
          bidder: 'rise',
          params: {
            org: '56f91cd4d3e3660002000033', // Required
            floorPrice: 5.00, // Optional
            ifa: 'XXX-XXX', // Optional
            testMode: false // Optional


Rise recommends setting UserSync by iframe for monetization.

For Prebid.js v1.15.0 and later:

pbjs.setConfig({ userSync: { filterSettings: { iframe: { bidders: ‘’, // ‘’ represents all bidders filter: ‘include’ } } } });


Prebid versions 5.0-5.3 are not supported

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