The adapter adds an HTML <script> tag to load Adloox’s post-buy verification JavaScript ( at ~25kiB gzipped) when the bidWon event for each ad slot.


The Adloox analytics adapter requires on-boarding and configuration parameters supplied to you by Adloox account team. Please reach out to your account team or for more information.

Analytics Options

Name Scope Description Example Type
client required Your client name 'adlooxtest' string
clientid required Your client ID 127 integer
platformid required Your platform ID 2 integer
tagid required Your tag configuration ID 1234 integer

For detailed instructions please look to the integration guidelines shipped with the Prebid.js project which also link to our Prebid video and real-time data provider options.

Example Configuration

    provider: 'adloox',
    options: {
      client: 'adlooxtest',  // supplied by Adloox
      clientid: 127,         // supplied by Adloox
      platformid: 0,         // supplied by Adloox
      tagid: 0               // supplied by Adloox